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The SC POWER SCB22 is a 2,2 Ah Lithium Jump Starter with BMS. Designed to be compact, lightweight and powerful.

SCB22 is designed based on “safety first”. We have a patent pending designed Battery Management System “BMS”, which protects the unit against overcharge, overheating, over discharge, reverse polarity, sparks, short-circuit and all this comes in a flame retardant case.

See the video presentation of the SCB22
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The SCB22 is the middle level consumer model in the SC Power line up designed to jump start gas engines up to 2 L or diesel engines up to 1.0 L. It has the option of “Memory Data Saver” using an OBDII Cable (optional, not provided) during battery replacement.

Ultra-compact, lightweight and powerful, the
SCB22 will accompany you in many situations of everyday life and leisure activities: designed for starting small cc vehicle and doubles as a portable power source for recharging smartphones or powering 12V devices.

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