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The SC POWER SCB90 Pro 24 is a 9.0 Ah Lithium Jump Starter with BMS for the professional. Designed to be compact, lightweight and powerful.

SCB90 Pro 24 is designed based on “safety first”. We have a patent pending designed Battery Management System “BMS”, which protects the unit against overcharge, overheating, over discharge, reverse polarity, sparks, short-circuit and all this comes in a flame retardant case.
The SCB90 Pro 24 is our “High Performance” model developed in particular for trucks (24V).

• Ultra compact, lightweight (2050 gr) and powerful, it starts diesel engines up to 13L.

• Equipped with a LED flashlight with a SOS strobe function, it provides additional night time safety warning to other motorist.

• Supplied with a thermoformed high-end storage bag, a hook for hanging and a rubber protective cover.
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